The Best Efficiency Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y

How Many Efficiency Improved of the Whirlwind Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y? Tesla owners must wonder if the Tesla hubcap has any impact on efficiency and range, and by how much. Thus, we took a test of wheel covers specifically designed for Tesla Model Y 19” Gemini wheels. These directional covers are positioned in the same direction on both sides of the Tesla, resulting in two sets: two covers for the right side and another two covers for the left side.

They can cover your wheel rim fully, are aerodynamically designed to increase battery range for more miles, protect your wheel rim from curb rash, and are easy to install by simply popping them on in seconds. With different colors to decorate your Model Y wheels, it is a great option to change your original wheel cover and improve the wheel look.

We recently took the Tesla 19-inch Hub Long Range Y on a daily highway drive to test the efficiency of the OEM wheel cover and 19-inch whirlwind wheel cover. We tested under controlled conditions: ambient temperatures were kept between 57-63 degrees Fahrenheit, and 40 miles were driven at 70mph on both the OEM hubcaps and the newly upgraded whirlwind hubcaps.

Let us examine the results and proceed to compare the outcomes obtained from the two tests. As observed, both tests were conducted over a distance of 40 miles, ensuring an equal parameter. However, it is noteworthy that the TRestyling Cyclone wheel covers consumed only 9 kilowatt-hours of energy, while the original stock wheel covers consumed 10 kilowatt-hours.

Now, let us focus on the average energy consumption per mile. The TRestyling 19-inch whirlwind wheel covers exhibited a usage of 230 watt-hours per mile, whereas the stock OEM wheel covers recorded consumption of 241 watt-hours per mile. Consequently, there exists an approximate difference of 11 watt-hours between these two wheel covers.

Before delving further, let’s convert the kilowatt hours into watt hours for a more comprehensive comparison. The 2023 model wire long-range vehicle boasts a total energy capacity of 82-kilowatt hours, but its usable capacity amounts to approximately 76.5 kilowatt hours.

To facilitate the conversion, we need to establish that one-kilowatt hour is equivalent to 1000 watt-hours. Consequently, the total energy capacity can be expressed as 76,500 watt-hours. Subsequently, we can divide the battery’s total capacity by the watt hours to obtain the following result, which is derived from conducting tests on the vehicle’s performance across 100 full charges until complete depletion.

The 19″ Tesla Model Y wheel covers demonstrated an impressive range of approximately 332.6 miles, surpassing the OEM wheel covers by a substantial margin of 15.2 miles. This significant discrepancy in the range between the two sets of wheel covers was rather surprising. The conversion from average energy usage to miles further accentuates their impressive performance.

Consequently, these tests indicate that the wheel covers for Model Y from TRestyling not only outperformed the OEM counterparts but also provided an exceptional 15-mile range boost for the Tesla Model Y. These results clearly establish the remarkable efficiency of these wheel covers, exceeding our initial expectations by a considerable margin.